Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sketch 16 Challenge

      Here is my submission for this weeks OWH sketch challenge by Vieve! As you can see I used these crazy retro papers (again) and I wasn't completely happy with the way the colors came out but I made a futile attempt to pull them together with these braided ribbons... oh well.
    If you are wondering where I got the little camel digi...I drew him and I really hope you like because I am going to be giving him away on my blog as a Memorial Day Blog Hop freebie. I've had this idea rolling around in my head for this little humorous A-Stan camel...I call him Oscar...our military has adopted him as their mascot and they do things like drape U.S. Flags over his back and set him flying on explosive devices but he doesn't mind...in fact he loves the USA!   
      Also if you like this little guy I have a couple more digi's of him in the works that will also be giveaways. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you all have a happy scrapp 'n Tuesday evening!! 


Nancy Keller said...

Oh my gosh that camel!!!! That is too cute! LOL. . . you just made my night :)

Dawn said...

that is really funny. To cool!

Caro said...

Now that's an original card! Just adorable

helloholley said...

You are very talented!!!! I can't wait to get this little guy on a card,he's so adorable.....your card turned out simply perfect!!!

Dawn said...

I would be willing to do any samples for you using your images. I talked to Sandy, and she thought maybe you would be interested. Let me know Thanks!