Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My I now know it!

I haven't written a blog entry since September 24th of 2010 and the reason is because my life kinda went kattywompus and I stopped making cards and/or blogging about them. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on what day you ask, my Spouse of 14 years and I split up in October after some longstanding problems, and I started the process of "finding me" again. I'm still looking in the couch cushions and everywhere I can think and some days I actually do find little pieces (of me). There are days I take two big steps forward and other days I fall ten steps backward, those are the days I forget to take my Prozac. I still have my son with AS whose almost 9 and my daughter who is 19 and in college living with me. I am in the process of finding a job in this down-turned economy. As you may have read I haven't worked outside the home in eight years so this process is extremely scary and difficult, and I haven't had very many promising leads as of yet so right now I am in within the ranks of the unemployed. The good news is we made it through the holidays and I am doing my best to keep the faith that all will work out for us in the near future. In trying to pick up my pieces I have once again found my blog and I'm trying to get back to my hobbies and the things I love. Happy Scrapp 'n! ~Cheryl~