Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five year old superhero needs encouragement!

Hi y'all, hope you're all having a wonderful hump day. I am having a nice peaceful week with my youngest (8) in day camp. While perusing the blogs this afternoon I found out about a little boy named Sam who is battling cancer - can you imagine what that is like for a five year old? It makes me tear up just to think of such a thing.

Pixie Dust Studio has an ongoing campaign asking for cards to encourage him along the way, they even have a cute image drawn up just for him - to let him know he is truly a super-hero (get the image and more info here). Unfortunately if that's not bad enough his poor Mom is battling breast cancer too. I already had this card done but I thought it would be appropriate for a five year old so now I'll be sending this off to little Sam.

It is a Dustin Pike freebie image and I made up this little riddle to go with it:
Q. Why do 99% of children sleep with stuffed bears?
A. Because 100% of monsters are scared of them.
Incidentally Dustin also has a request for McKensie who suffers from M.S., on his blog -I also sent her a card earlier so I am feeling pretty good about myself today! Our Pastor says "be a blessing to someone"  I hope I have used my talent for that today and I hope you all will get time to do the same!

Happy Scrap' n!!


Anonymous said...

Cheryl!! What a wonderful card you have created! I am so thankful for you to pass along this Send them to Sam campaign. He is really struggling and needs all the support he can get. Bless his little heart! Thank you and healthy blessings to you and your family! HUGS Kathy

Tammy said...

Sam is going to love this card Cheryl!! It will put a smile on his face for sure!! What a cute image and fantastic sentiment!

Lori said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the very nice comment on my blog. I totally agree that food "out" is just better...because we didn't have to make it! :)
I LOVE this card for Sam...that joke is absolutely hilarious! I'm sure it will make him and his family smile.

Lori said...

Just saw your other comment about Sam's new mailing address. I'm SURE they will forward cards to him. I just read on their Facebook page that they just left the hospital again yesterday after the most recent round of chemo AND they'll be back in several weeks for the next round so it's not like they're totally out of contact with the hospital. I'm sure it will get to him.